Unicharm Silcot Uruuru Sponge Facial Cotton (40pcs)


Kiyoko's Notes

Silcot "Uru-Uru Cotton" Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton delivers moisture to the skin with only half the usual amount of lotion! The newly-developed spongy material sends all the contained lotion to the skin, so when used for patting or masking, only half the usual amount of lotion is required. The smooth texture adheres to the skin well so it can also be used as a facial mask. Contains moisturizing ingredients that give a smooth, lush finish to the skin. With an extra smooth texture, they are very gentle on the skin.

The newly-developed "Uru-Uru sponge" material delivers all the lotion into the skin without leaving any behind, so you can get away with using half the usual amount! Whether patting or packing, stays soft and doesn't fluff up! Each pad is perforated to be easily split into two. There's also a round shape to easily get around the eyes!

Cosme Award Winner: 2018


How to use


  1. Apply half the amount of lotion you would to other cotton pads, then apply to face.

Be careful not to apply too much as it will overflow.

  1. Using a rhythmic vertical motion, gently rub into your skin.

After patting, by adding the lotion to any parts you feel are lacking in moisture, stick the pad to any locations you are worried about.

Using the perforations, you can split each pad into two for easier use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pauline MacLeod

The perfect size and thinneee to use as a sheet mask with the Kikumasamune Japanese Sake Lotion

Such an amazing facial cotton!

I have loved using these to do DIY sheet masks with my favorite products! They’re also very useful in applications of toners without the frustration of getting cotton fuzzies on your face from a regular cotton pad. The box does come with 40 pieces however they’re perforated so you wind up getting double. If you’re just using them to apply toners they will last quite a long time. I made the mistake of running out before ordering more and I cannot wait to get back to the feel of applying skincare with these.

Jenna Reeves
Versatile and Useful

These cotton pads which come at a great price are a pack of 40 pcs which can break into two pcs per pad so really you are getting 80 pcs. I use them as a way to help seal and lock in lotions, toners, or skin conditioners that are too liquidy to apply with your hands. You can use small amounts of the product while still sending all of it to the skin areas you are trying to target. They can also be used as facial masks (apply product to pad and put on face) so that the product has time to fully be digested into the skin! They are great because they don't suck up the product, don't break apart after smearing, patting, etc., and don't leave hairlike flyaways on your skin like usual cotton pads!

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