Shiseido Moist Hand Cream (30g)

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Kiyoko's Notes

Shiseido Medicated Hand Cream is a high-potency hand moisturizer. By gently massaging, blood circulation is accelerated so that ingredients in the formulation could be fully absorbed and consumed. Leaving dehydrated skin hydrated. Lines and peeling are visibly reduced. Skin looks moist and supple.

This Japanese medicated hand cream is formulated with urea, vitamin E and xylitol to moisturize your hand, relief from dryness, and prevent rough skin.

Fragrance free, uncolored.


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How to use

Apply a proper amount to hands as necessary. Gently massage into skin.


(Active ingredient) Urea, dl-a-tocopherol acetate, (Other ingredients) Purified water, concentrated glycerin, liquid balafine, cetanol, dipropylene glycol, cetyl octanoate, self-emulsifying glycerin monostearate, polyoxyethylene isostearate polyoxyethylene Glyceryl, methylpolysiloxane, xylit, stearic acid, polyoxyethylene glycerin monostearate, polyethylene powder, glycine, potassium hydroxide, ethylcellulose, barox benzoate, yellow iron oxide, bengala

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Moisturizing, perfect travel size, and never leaks when it's thrown around in my purse(s). Love that it's fragrance-free so it never interferes with my other body products/perfumes.

Leaves me soft and plump

Very small bottle but you only need a drop for the entire face. I have dehydrated, "clog prone" skin and this works wonders. I apply it at night after toner. It does feel a little heavy on the skin at first but it absorbs. The next morning, my skin feels plump and soft hydrated. Haven't been using it long enough to notice a change in redness but it has helped with my skin texture. My forehead looks a little better, less fine lines and visible pores. It doesn't help clear my pores, but it keeps my skin hydrated and that in turn made my pores look smaller. I still use tretinoin to help with scarring. This oil helps as a nice buffer before applying tret.

I like how it has no scent

Good handcream to keep moisturized

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