Shiseido Elixir

Shiseido Elixir Lifting Moisture Emulsion (130ml)

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Kiyoko's Notes

An age-defense night time moisturizer that helps protect skin from damage caused by external aging factors such as UV rays. Dramatically reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face and maintaining rich moisture to the skin all day long.

Promotes firmer and lifted looking skin while suppressing melanin production to prevent pigmentation spots.

Contains Water-soluble collagen, Olive leave extract, Glycerine, Petrolatum, hyaluronic acid, Rosemary oil and Water.

Shiseido Elixir Lifting Moisture Emulsion is offered in three types:

  1. Emulsion I: Good for oily and combination skin
  2. Emulsion II: Good for normal to dry skin
  3. Emulsion III: Good for very dry skin types. Very moist and rich.

About Shiseido Elixir

Shiseido is one of those Japanese brands that don’t need an introduction: the company has been synonymous with skin care, cosmetics and perfumes since the late 19th century and is widely considered as one of the secrets behind Japanese beauty. 


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How To Use

  1. Take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad or palm.
  2. Apply to face and neck area after cleansing and toning.


Tranexamic acid *, Netherlands mustard extract, inositol, soluble collagen (F), lysine hydrochloride, purified water, concentrated glycerin, ethanol, tetra-2-ethylhexanoate pentaerythritol, dipropylene glycol, alpha-olefin oligomers, behenyl alcohol, 1 , 3-butylene glycol, vaseline, methyl polysiloxane, methylphenyl polysiloxane, macadamia nut oil fatty acid phytosteryl, polyoxyethylene behenyl ether, batyl alcohol, sodium sodium acryloyldimethyltaurine acrylate copolymer / isohexadecane / polysorbate 80, polyoxyethylene (17) polyoxypropylene (4) dimethyl ether, sodium citrate, xanthan gum, citric acid, N- lauroyl -L- Glutamic acid di (phytosteryl, 2-octyldodecyl), sodium metaphosphate, magnesium phosphate L- ascorbyl, edetate disodium, polyoxyethylene phytosterol, rosemary oil, sodium metabisulfite, polyethylene glycol distearate (1), yeast extract (3), L- arginine hydrochloride, phenoxyethanol, perfume

Manufacturer: Shiseido

Brand: Elixir

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